The first digital platform for building services management

"ONE" networks all data points and connects all process steps

The ONE Platform

The entire value chain of building services is digitally linked.

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Digital value creation

Building service providers have to deal with numerous customers and manage and control their objects, own employees, subcontractors, suppliers, material stocks and machines at the same time. This leads to high administration and management costs. With its apps, the "ONE" platform unites all participants and the respective resources in order to digitally manage the building service providers. From booking services to quality assurance, "ONE" combines communication, interaction, execution, billing and administration.

  • ONE provides complete control over all business processes.
  • ONE unites all data in a general data model and integrates third-party providers.
  • The platform combines a variety of IT solutions and optimizes them for building services.
Gone are the days of information disruptions, the use of isolated software solutions, lack of transparency and unsatisfactory results. With ONE you can work with all available data and make it usable.
ONE integrated AI / ML / cognitive solutions
Field ServiceManagement IoT


In its apps, ONE combines essential functionalities from common IT solutions and concentrates on the core functions to ensure a simple and efficient infrastructure.

Cognitive solutions

ONE's applications are based on the science of technology - machine learning and cognitive solution - to perform processes that require intelligence when they are executed by humans.


The entire value chain and its data converge in ONE's digital infrastructure, which offers unlimited innovation potential and full security.

A platform for building service contractors

With ONE's apps, you enable every employee to work digitally and benefit from an innovative digital infrastructure. You remain flexible and can react to change - GDPR-compliant and safe.

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ONE is user-oriented, independent, comprehensive.

The leading product:

Intuitive adaptable products with highest user-friendliness and outstanding customer satisfaction

The leading data platform:

to enable scalability in architecture and technology

The leading system:

to achieve operational excellence and significant cost optimization while continuously being innovative

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ONE's development follows the latest standards - for your success.

ONE solves the challenges of a large number of users